Alexander Aksakov

Established Artist

Alexander Aksakov was born in 1986 in Pechora, Republic of Komi, Russia. In 2010 Alexander moved to St. Petersburg, Russia and entered the St. Petersburg Faculty of Photojournalism. During this time he began freelancing career as a news photographer and a photojournalist. Alexander has worked for The Washington Post, de Volkskrant, Getty Images, has been published in major European and U.S. magazines and newspapers such as NY Times and AL Jazeera e-magazine. He covered both peaceful events and conflicts/unrests in Russia, Ukraine and Crimea.

Besides commercial assignments Alexander worked on personal and group documentary projects. In 2013 a photo book "365" about Aksakov's experience in the Russian army as a conscript was published. He participated in ICFJ Russian-American young journalists exchange program (2015) and was a receiver of a Geschichtswerkstatt Europa grant (2012).

In 2017 Aksakov moved to the U.S. where he is now working on a personal long-term project Diffelarities. Alexander cycles across the U.S photographing the people he meets along the way and juxtaposing the lives of people in Russia and the U.S. through documentary photography. You can find more info about Diffelarities at