A New Day at TheDocumentaryProjectFund

TheDocumentaryProjectFund is now in its fifth year helping fund documentary photographers working on projects in their communities. We are very proud of the photographers we’ve sponsored and are committed to helping make stories come alive. Our mission has always been to fund community based projects and we believe that photographers who are passionate about improving their own communities deserve help, encouragement, and funding. That said, we also have a very large stake in our own community. All of us at TheDPF have deep ties to Utah and the Mountain West region of the United States. If we really believe that working in one’s community is important for our awardees, we need to put our money where our mouth is and do for our own region what we are doing for others’. Therefore, beginning now, we are making some changes.

            For the foreseeable future, we are discontinuing the Emerging Vision Award. We will continue to award a $5000 Project Support grant twice a year, for which all photographers will be encouraged to apply. In addition, we will award one Mountain West Regional grant per year. In total, we will give three grants per year, each for $5000.

This spring (beginning May 15 and running through June 15), in a Call open to all photographers, we will award one $5000 Project Support grant. This Call is open to everyone. Then, in the fall of 2018, we will offer two separate awards, one open to all applicants and one offered specifically to residents of the Mountain West region of the United States. We define this region as Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

We want to encourage those of you who would have applied for the Emerging Vision award to apply for the Project Support grant. Remember, a strong submission is a strong submission. A good story idea and a great portfolio are what we are looking for, whether you are a new or established photographer.

Those of you who live in the Mountain West or know photographers there, please get the word out and mark your calendars for the new Mountain West Award in Fall, 2018.